Science Authors

There are many great authors of science for young people.  Picture books help the youngest readers and read-to-children understand animals, nature, and the environment.  Middle grade and high school ages can find introduction and very advanced books.  Today computers make the graphics an outstanding tool to understand science.  I will continually add to this list that is not in any particular order.

MELISSA STEWART    is the author of over 150 books that highlight nature.  She has a great way of pulling facts together and presenting them. Enjoy Melissa Stewart’s Science Clubhouse at

VERLA KAY     writes in the most amazing rhymes.  They are short and sassy with lots of internal and line rhymes.  They are so much fun to read you almost forget they are all historically true.

STEVE JENKINS  more at the picture book level, but finding patterns in common structure or functions.  Illustrations are an integral part of the books.

ELAINE SCOTT writes more at the middle grade and up with many astronomy and topics of interest such as twins.

ALEXANDRA SIY excellent on space science and other topics

MARY WADE writes on a wide variety of topics, but her beginning books on plants and fungi are first rate.

MARIANNE DYSON speaks from great knowledge from her role as a mission controller at NASA.  She masterfully presents space science as a reality.

CARMEN BREDESON  a veteran writer has a wonderful series of rookie reader level books that don’t disappoint. Find Fun Fact and Zoom In On Animals books.

ANA MARIA RODRIGUEZ science and nature written from a well-informed viewpoint on a variety of topics.

NIC BISHOP Prepare for a unique journey on each book this prolific photographer puts forth.  You will not look at an animal the same way again.  Spiders still my favorite.

STEVE PARKER  has been writing from the UK and DK Eyewitness books for years.  He has over 300 books to his credit.

JOANNA COLE is most famous for The Magic School Bus series, but look for others

SANDRA MARKLE   Waiting for Ice and A Mother’s Journey are great with 200 others

MARILYN SINGER   I love Venom, but she has many more

NICOLA DAVIES   She has won several AAAS awards recently. Her list is long.

STEVE SWINBURNE  A naturalist who does photography and has a great school visit routine complete with original songs.  Sea Turtle Scientist is outstanding.

MOLLY BANG  She has received accolades for years based on her ability to bring complex science to the level of the youngest readers.

DIANE HUTTS ASTON  Her picture books are lyrical as they unfold the facts of a butterfly, a see or an egg and its journey in life.